04.27.14 Julie. San Simeon.
"Anything in life worth doing is worth over doing." 

thanks to whoever bought me this dildo off my amazon wish list, its so cute and pink lol. <3
Anonymous: Do you share your girlfriend? just wondering, shes a more than a dime, god damm.

NO fuck off.

Anonymous: Will you guys be posting erotic photos of yourselves? need to see, good looking couple.

we will, we just haven’t had the time.

Anonymous: When will you be posting your tits.? i'm going crazy i want to know what they look like.

lmfao you’ve must have missed them, i’ve posted them a couple of times.

Anonymous: when are you going to post naked couple pix of yourseleves?

when we feel like it!

Anonymous: If I submit something does it stay anonymous? And how do I go about submitting? Btw love your blog ♥

to submit anonymously, you must log out.

i don’t know why tumblr doesn’t have an anon button for submitting but thats the only way you can submit to stay anonymous.

& thank you <3 xoxox 

Anonymous: post nudes!

are you blind? this is a nsfw blog.